plumb bobs for jonas

spring 2017

Jonas Burgert, a German ​artist, capitalizes on color as a veneer in his Schutt and Futter. While complementary colors draw attention to the critical moments within his paintings, analogous colors diffuse attention into tonal ranges of black and white. His work also reflects a juxtaposition of human figure to the scale of plumb bobs. This scalar shift is derived from his paintings, and is utilized within this project to activate the gallery spaces. 


Carved into an existing cemetery in the hills of Florence, Italy, this gallery challenges the conventional notions of life and death. Extreme darkness is necessary to harness particular forms of lighting. Paired with this, is the opportunity to reflect colored light into space. Through this investigation, color and light intertwine, generating temporal experiences within the gallery spaces and interstitial zones of circulation.

As the process continues, phenomenological experiences act as primary drivers within the project. As colored light is reflected onto a surface, it also reflects its complementary color. Thus, the merging of each of the primary colors – red, blue, and yellow – yields a series of secondary colors (green, purple, and orange).

This combination of colors yields a high-contrast result, with attention brought to the complementary regions and less emphasis given to the tonal gradients. With that said, the interstitial spaces, or spatial joints, act as the buffers between the primary zones of color.